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132 East 14th Street, Suite 300, North Shore Wellness Centre, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7L 2N3 Phone : 778-960-0740 vancouver@ucbaby.ca
 Golden Package – $299   Special – $249
Two separate session of the same pregnancy (30 minutes each)
1st visit – 20-24 weeks 2nd visit – 25-31 weeks
CD of JPEG images at each visit
2 printed photos of your choice at each visit
Listening to baby’s heartbeat
Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE
Gender Determination FREE
Video On Demand FREE
Both sessions recorded on DVD FREE
Entire session recorded USB Key FREE

 Silver Package – $205    Special -$150

Viewing baby’s activities for 30 minutes
CD of 3D JPEG images
Two printed photos of your choice
Listening to baby’s heartbeat
Options: Gender Determination FREE
Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE
Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE
Gender Determination FREE
Video On Demand FREE
Entire session recorded on DVD FREE or
Entire session recorded USB Key FREE

 Bronze Package – $79

Gender determination approximately 5-15 mins
2 printed photos of your choice

 Build Your Own Package

20-min ultrasound session (without gender determination) $89
30-min ultrasound session (includes gender determination, 2 printed photos,  CD with 3D images) $99
Listening to baby’s heartbeat $25
CD of JPEG images $15
DVD of session $25
Printed 4×6 photo $5
Video on demand for 1 month with purchase of USB  FREE
Video on demand for 1 month   $10
Heartbeat Bear (with ultrasound session) $30
Heartbeat Bear (without ultrasound session) $60
Entire Session recorded USB Key $30

UC Baby; the Best Place for High Quality 3D Ultrasounds in Vancouver

Get the Best Ultrasound Experience in Vancouver

Life is all about experiences and having a baby definitely tops the list of important life experiences. During this wonderful time of your life, you deserve only the very best in life and that is what we promise you at UC Baby 3D ultrasound lab in Vancouver. Our practices, systems and techniques are all designed with the help of ultrasound experts to ensure that our standards are higher than any other 3D ultrasound lab in Vancouver.

Dr. Tina Ureten M.D. with 25 years of experience in ultrasounds helped us design our systems and provides training to our technical staff regarding 3D ultrasounds. UC Baby is a well-known name throughout Canada for high quality 3D ultrasounds.In Vancouver, we are definitely the first choice of 3D ultrasound lab for moms-to-be and medical professionals.

Go a Step Ahead with Our High Quality 4D Ultrasounds

At our 3D baby ultrasound center, we try to make your first ultrasound experience as special as possible and now we can do that for sure, being the first 4D ultrasound lab in Vancouver. With our high quality 4D ultrasounds, you can get to watch your baby right away while you are being scanned without any delays, while getting real-time images. This is definitely a moment you won’t forget.

Share Your Experience with Your Loved Ones at UC Baby

All your friends and family members who are extremely excited about this big news can now share the experience of your ultrasound with you. At our 3D ultrasound lab, you can invite up to 8 guests with you to the ultrasound room. We also allow 8 more guests to join you for this session online through our Live Broadcast service, no matter where they are.

Get Safety and Value at Our 3D Ultrasound Center

We try to make our ultrasounds as safe as possible for you and your baby. A Medison Samsung Ultrasound Machine is used at our 3D ultrasound center since it provides the best 3D ultrasounds while using the lowest possible power. All equipment at our 3D ultrasound lab are regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure their accurate functionality. We also get our scans reviewed from Dr. Ureten on a regular basis to ensure we are keeping up with the standards.

At our 3D ultrasound center in Vancouver, we also strive to provide you with the best value. Your hour- long session only ends when the hour is truly over. Till then for the time being, you can sit back and relax after the scan while selecting the pictures you want to take home so that we can get your DVD ready right away. Other services we offer include:

• Reliable gender determination tests for couples who are eager to know whether they will be having a boy or a girl.

• The Video on Demand service where you can watch the video of your session online at any time you want and share it with others as well.

• Special discount offers and gift packs for all our clients.

If you want the best, UC Baby 3D ultrasound center is definitely the best place for safe and high quality 3D ultrasounds in Vancouver.


“We love everything! The experience was amazing and our tech was very sweet and took her time with us so we could enjoy every moment!”
— Brandon G.