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Book a Silver Package and SAVE $60 with a FREE recording of your session on DVD and a FREE Heartbeat Bear!

Gender Determination Special Package for only $79!

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202-4489 Viewmont Ave, Victoria, BC V8Z 5K8 Phone : 250-744-2234 victoria@ucbaby.ca

 Golden Package – $299
Two separate session of the same pregnancy (30 minutes each)
1st visit – 20-24 weeks 2nd visit – 25-31 weeks
CD of JPEG images at each visit
2 printed photos of your choice at each visit
Listening to baby’s heartbeat
Live Broadcasting (advance notice required)  FREE
Gender Determination FREE
Both sessions recorded on DVD $25
Entire session recorded USB Key $30

 Silver Package – $199

Viewing baby’s activities for 30 minutes
CD of 3D JPEG images
Two printed photos of your choice
Listening to baby’s heartbeat
Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE
Gender Determination FREE
Entire session recorded on DVD $25
Entire session recorded USB Key $30

 Bronze Package – $125

Gender determination with face scan for 15 minutes
Includes 1 printed photo of your choice.

 Build Your Own Package

Customize your own Package and Additional Services
20 minute ultrasound session (without gender determination) $135 
30 minute ultrasound session (without gender determination) $150
Gender determination (5-10 minutes)  $79
Additional Services
Listening to baby’s heartbeat $25
CD of JPEG images $20
Entire session recorded on DVD $25
Entire session recorded USB Key $30
Printed 4×6 photo $5.00
Video on Demand for 30 days  $10
Heartbeat Bear (with ultrasound session) $30
Heartbeat Bear (without ultrasound session) $60 
2nd visit same pregnancy 20% discount
3rd visit same pregnancy 30% discount
10% military discount with valid military ID

UC Baby; the No.1 3D Ultrasound Center in Victoria, BC

Experience 3D Ultrasound, Better Than Anywhere Else in Canada

We have developed practising standards that are higher than the industry standards in the field of 3D ultrasound to ensure you get the best value at our 3D ultrasound lab. Dr. Tine Ureten, having more than 25 years of experience in ultrasounds and regarded as the leading authority in 3D ultrasounds in Canada, has helped us design our systems, techniques and procedures to ensure we follow through the best practices. The staff at our 3D ultrasound center in Victoria, including the technicians and sonographer are medically trained and certified while technicians are also regularly trained by Dr. Ureten in the use of latest 3D ultrasound technologies for best performance delivery. Our efforts have been recognized and we have risen to be the number one choice of parents and medical professionals when it comes to a 3D ultrasound lab in Victoria and all over Canada.

We Offer the Safest Ultrasound at UC Baby, Victoria

We understand your safety-related concerns for your baby when it comes to ultrasound. We assure you that the safest ultrasound equipment is used at our 3D ultrasound center to make sure no harm comes to you or the baby. We also ask Dr. Ureten to review our scans and techniques on regular basis and suggest possible improvements in them so that we can adopt the latest way to keep our clients safe and healthy.

Get the Best Value at Our 3D Ultrasound Center in Victoria, BC

All we aim for is to provide you with the best experience and we believe that providing you highest value is the key to that. Therefore, we have designed or services and practice features that provide the best value: • We allow up to 8 guests to come with you in the ultrasound room at our 3D ultrasound lab in Victoria. In addition 8 guests can watch online via our Live Broadcast service. • At our 3D ultrasound clinic, you can choose the photos you want and we burn the DVD for you right away. It’s about your experience, not our time, and we don’t rush you for anything. • UC Baby 3D ultrasound clinic can proudly claim that our gender determination tests have turned out correct every time so you can confidently rely on our results. • For a very minimal fee, you can add Video on Demand with a DVD session to view your session on the Internet at your own convenience. Above all, we are now the first lab in Victoria offering high quality 4D ultrasounds that can help you get images of your baby in real time. It also helps medical professional to track the growth of your baby in a much better way. We are now the first official 4D ultrasound lab in Victoria, BC , definitely the best place for an ultrasound.


“I absolutely love how friendly the staff was! The woman who performed our ultrasound was very sweet, and made my fiance and I feel comfortable! Also, since my fiance and I live away, we were so pleased that our family would be able to watch online and find out the sex of our baby with us! Especially my sister who works in abroad; she was thrilled to be included on this special day! We love UC Baby and will definitely be back on our future pregnancies! Thank you UC Baby for such an amazing experience!” — Melissa P.