UC Baby Sudbury – Ontario



633 Lorne St, Sudbury, ON P3C 4R3 Phone : 705-673-2229 sudbury@ucbaby.ca
 Golden Package – $245
Two separate session of the same pregnancy (30 minutes each)
1st visit – 20-24 weeks 2nd visit – 25-31 weeks
CD of JPEG images at each visit
2 printed photos of your choice at each visit
Listening to baby’s heartbeat
Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE
Gender Determination FREE
Video On Demand FREE
Both sessions recorded on DVD $25
Entire session recorded USB Key $30

 Silver Package – $175

Viewing baby’s activities for 30 minutes
CD of 3D JPEG images
Two printed photos of your choice
Listening to baby’s heartbeat
Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE
Gender Determination FREE
Entire session recorded on DVD $25
Entire session recorded USB Key $30

 Bronze Package – $129

Gender determination with face scan for 15 mins
1 printed photo of your choice

 Build Your Own Package

20 minute ultrasound session (without gender determination) $135
30 minute ultrasound session (without gender determination) $150
Gender Determination (5-10 min) $99
Listening to baby’s heartbeat $25
CD of JPEG images $15
DVD of session $25
Printed 4×6 photo $5
Video on Demand for 1 month with purchase of DVD/USB  FREE
Video on Demand for 1 month  $10
Heartbeat Bear (with ultrasound session) $30
Heartbeat Bear (without ultrasound session) $60
Entire Session recorded USB Key $30

UC Baby – The Best 3D Ultrasound Center in Sudbury for Moms-to-be

Why Come to UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Center?

At UC Baby, your experience is all that matters to us. Our systems, techniques, services and methodologies, everything is designed to give you the very best ultrasound experience in Sudbury. We have a team of expert technicians and sonographers working at our 3D ultrasound center, all of them being medically trained and certified.
Dr. Tina Ureten, a leading authority in 3D ultrasounds in Canada, helps us design our systems, provide training to our staff and review our scans and practice from time to time. Our specialist staff and state- of-the-art ultrasound equipment ensures that you are in safe hands.

Share the Experience at Our 3D Ultrasound Center Sudbury

We understand that you and your loved ones are excited about this wonderful experience and so, we allow you to share it with them as well. You can invite 8 guests with you to the ultrasound room while we also allow 8 more guests to watch the session online via Live Broadcast. We are the only 3D ultrasound center in Sudbury offering the chance to share your session with so many people.

Get High Quality 4D Ultrasounds in Sudbury

To offer you the best experience you can ever have, we are now offering 4D baby ultrasound service for the very first time in Sudbury. These 4D images that allow you to watch your baby are developed in real time so you can make the most of this special time.

What Else to Look Forward to at UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Center

There is a lot more for you at UC Baby 3D ultrasound center that can make your time with us even more wonderful. We have combined the best services and features to offer you an experience you won’t get anywhere else.
• At our 3D ultrasound center, you are not asked to rush towards anything. You can get comfortable during your hour-long session with your choice of music while you wait for us to burn the pictures of your choice on a DVD for you to take home.
• We, along with our affiliated partners, pamper you with a number of gift packs and special discount offers on different services and items for you and the baby.
• If you want to know the gender of your baby for getting the baby room’s decoration right, we can guarantee to provide you with reliable gender determination results due to our high quality 3D ultrasounds in Sudbury.
• You can also watch the video of your scanning session anytime you want using our online “Video on Demand” service for a very minimal fee.
For those who want the very best ultrasound experience, UC Baby 3D ultrasound center is the best place to go in Sudbury, Ontario.


“Your service was recommended by my friend, I found it extraordinary. Viewing my baby was such a great joy, I couldn’t take my eyes off from her beautiful pictures.” — Amanda S.