UC Baby Sydney – Nova Scotia


Get a Silver Package for $175.00 and receive a free 10-15 minute viewing later in your pregnancy (save $125)

Gender Package is $99.00 (Save $25.00)

1487 George Street Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1P 1P2 Phone : 902-567-5686 sydney@ucbaby.ca
 Golden Package – $299
Two separate session of the same pregnancy (30 minutes each)
1st visit – 20-24 weeks 2nd visit – 25-31 weeks
CD of JPEG images at each visit
2 printed photos of your choice at each visit
Listening to baby’s heartbeat
Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE
Gender Determination FREE
Video On Demand FREE
Both sessions recorded on DVD $25
Entire session recorded USB Key $30

 Silver Package – $175

Viewing baby’s activities for 30 minutes
CD of 3D JPEG images
2 printed photos of your choice
Listening to baby’s heartbeat
Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE
Gender Determination FREE
Ultrasound Session recorded on DVD $25
Entire session recorded USB Key $30

 Gender Determination Package - $125

Viewing baby’s gender 10 – 15 minute package
Live Broadcast not included

 Build Your Own Package

20 minute ultrasound session (without gender determination) $135
30 minute ultrasound session (without gender determination) $150
Position of the baby near term $50
Listening to baby’s heartbeat $25
CD of JPEG images $20
DVD of session $25
Printed 4×6 photo $5
Video on demand for 1 month with purchase of DVD/USB  FREE
Video on demand for 1 month $10
Heartbeat Bear (with ultrasound session) $30
Heartbeat Bear (without ultrasound session) $60
Entire Session recorded USB Key $30

Visit the Best 3D Ultrasound Center in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Experience the Best at Our 3D Ultrasound Center in Sydney

From safety to value, everything at our UC Baby 3D ultrasound lab in Sydney is simply the best. We follow the best standards at our 3D ultrasound lab when it comes to the safety of you and your baby. The systems and techniques at our lab are designed by the leading authority in 3D ultrasounds in Canada, Dr. Tina Ureten. She reviews all our scans on a regular basis and provides training to our technicians regarding the use of best ultrasound technologies and methodologies. All sonographers and medical practitioners at our lab are medically trained and certified with substantial experience in providing 3D baby ultrasound services. The equipment used at our 3D ultrasound center are the safest in 3D ultrasound technology, and are maintained properly. All across Canada, UC Baby is regarded as the defining standard in 3D ultrasounds.

UC Baby Sydney – Letting You Share the Experience

We understand this is the best experience of your life and you are eager to share it with all the people who are close to you. This is why we allow you to bring up to 8 guests with you at our 3D ultrasound lab for the scan sessions while 8 more guests are allowed to watch the scans online via our Live Broadcasting services.

Get the Leading-Edge High Quality 4D Ultrasounds in Sydney

In Sydney, we are the first ever ultrasound lab offering 4D baby ultrasound service to provide you with an experience that is more profound than ever. These 4D ultrasounds are shown in real time while you are still being scanned so that you don’t have to wait for the first glimpse of your baby any longer than necessary.

Other Value Added Services at Our 3D Ultrasound Center Sydney

At our 3D ultrasound center we do everything to make the ultrasound experience as comfortable for you as possible. This is the reason why we come up with the best service offers for you including features such as:

• Reliable Gender Determination Test – If you want to know the gender of your baby in advance, UC Baby Sydney can provide you completely reliable results.

• Video on Demand – For a minimal fee, we offer the Video on Demand service allowing you to watch the video of your session at our 3D ultrasound lab at any time you want according to your own convenience.

• Photo Selection – We allow you to decide which pictures you want to take home with you and we prepare your DVD right away before you leave our 3D ultrasound lab after a scan.

You and you baby deserves the very best at this special time and the UC Baby 3D ultrasound center in Sydney is the number one choice of mothers looking for the best ultrasound in Canada.


“It brought tears of joy to my whole family. Being able to see all the details of my baby girl before she came into our world was unreal, I ALWAYS recommend UC BABY Sydney to every pregnant woman I know. UC BABY was definitely an unforgettable experience for me and my family. Thanks for that!” — Alison J.