UC Baby Calgary – Alberta

908 17 Avenue SW, The Devenish Heritage Building, Suite #113, Calgary, Alberta, T2T 0A3 Phone : 403-258-1007 calgary@ucbaby.ca

 Golden Package – $299
Two separate session of the same pregnancy (30 minutes each): 1st visit – 20-24 weeks 2nd visit – 25-31 weeks •  CD of JPEG images at each visit  •   2 printed photos of your choice at each visit  •   Listening to baby’s heartbeat
OPTIONS : Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE •  Gender Determination FREE   •  Video On Demand FREE •  Both sessions recorded on DVD for a one-time fee of $25 •  Entire session recorded USB Key for a one-time fee of $30

 Silver Package – $175

Viewing baby’s activities for 30 minutes  •  CD of 3D JPEG images  •   Two printed photos of your choice  • Listening to baby’s heartbeat
OPTIONS Live Broadcasting (advance notice required) FREE  •  Gender Determination FREE •  Entire session recorded on DVD $25 •  Entire session recorded USB Key $30

 Gender Determination – $99

Gender determination 5- 15 mins depending on baby’s position.

 Build Your Own Package

20 minute ultrasound session (without gender determination) $135 
30 minute ultrasound session (without gender determination) $150
Listening to baby’s heartbeat $25
CD of JPEG images $15
DVD of session $25
Printed 4×6 photo $5
Video on demand for 1 month with purchase of DVD/USB – FREE!
Video on demand for 1 month  - $10
Heartbeat Bear (with ultrasound session) $30
Heartbeat Bear (without ultrasound session) $60
Entire Session recorded USB Key $30



Get High Quality 3D Ultrasounds in Calgary, Alberta at UC Baby

Offering the Safest 3D Ultrasound Center Experience in Calgary

Getting an ultrasound at any place isn’t the safest thing for you or your baby; you should only trust someone who  regards your health as the most important factor. At UC Baby, that is exactly what we do. Using a combination of best machines and best practices, we provide you with high quality 3D ultrasounds that are going to make the event even more momentous for you.

All our systems, techniques and ultrasounds are reviewed by Dr. Tina Ureten, an ultrasound expert with over 25 years of experience in the field. We have the best and most experienced team of professionals working for us, which makes our 3D baby ultrasound center the most renowned in Calgary, Alberta. Our Medison Samsung Ultrasound machine runs at the lowest power, and is regularly serviced, maintained and calibrated.

At our 3D ultrasound center, your health is our major concern. This is the reason why our 3D ultrasound lab is perceived as the best in Calgary by mother as medical professionals alike.

Offering the High Tech 4D Baby Ultrasound Service in Calgary

We don’t just offer that years old 2D ultrasounds that others provide. We take the experience even further for you with our high quality 3D and 4D ultrasounds. 4D ultrasound provides a real time image of your baby on the screen, eliminating the time of processing. Our 4D baby ultrasound service is the best in Calgary since we are currently the only lab offering the service.

• Share High Quality 3D Ultrasounds with Your Loved Ones – This isn’t just a special moment for you but your family and friends as well. If you want to share this experience with them, we allow you to do exactly that by inviting up to eight people into our 3D ultrasound lab with you for your ultrasound session while eight more people can watch the big moment through our online Broadcast Services right from their home.

• Take All the Time You Need at Our 3D Ultrasound Center – We offer you an hour-long session and that is exactly what you are going to get. You can listen to the relaxing music of your choice while you select the photos you want to keep and wait for them while we burn them on DVD for you. At UC Baby, we don’t rush you with anything as your experience is more important than our time.

• Get Accurate Gender Determination at Our 3D Ultrasound Clinic – If you are excited to learn whether it’s a boy or a girl, you can get completely reliable gender determination at UC Baby. We can proudly claim that all our determinations have turned out to be true.

At UC Baby, we strive to provide you with the best possible ultrasound experience in all of Calgary.


“I love UC Baby because it clearly shows your baby’s interactions and growth development, giving not only the mother a sense of what is happening, but giving the opportunity to extended family to experience it as well. The 3D and 4D views made this new life more visibly clear, compared to the standard black and white ultrasound which can be hard to make out. This is an experience all expectant parents should definitely experience!!” — Catherine L.